About Me - jww

I was born in 1964 in Rothbury Northumberland; I have lived all most all of my life in and around Morpeth some 13 miles from Newcastle-Upon -Tyne.

I started my working life on the Railway in 1981 on the Signals & Telecommunication Department and have stayed there ever since.
Although railways are a huge part of my life I enjoy most sports some still actively. My interest in railways came from my Dad and after a family day out to Scarbourgh on a steam special I was the proud owner of my first train spotting book.
The first class to clear were the workhorses of the ECML the 22 Deltics but even that was difficult with 55009 spending what seemed for ever in Doncaster works having a major overhaul. My interest changed to trying to capture the ever changing railway scene on film and now as a digital image.
I will travel anywhere for a picture but prefer the country scene to the industrial sites, many photographic journeys and photos have been lost over the years due to being put off by fraudulent weather forecasts only to find out the weather had been considerably better than forecasted, like wise many trips have turned out fruitless due to the weather forecast being completely wrong.
I envy the photographers who are happy with a dull photo for there efforts, I concluded some years ago that I had taken enough dull shots that sat in a slide box never to be looked at again and would only venture out on a good forecast.
With the cost of fuel today this seems a prudent move.
The hobby has brought me friends and acquaintances from all over the UK, I am also lucky like so many other railway photographers that my wife & family although not fully understanding the thrill I get out of the hobby allows me to pursue it some times obsessively, and they can some times be found with me in pursuit of that illusive master shot. 
With the railway scene in the UK becoming monotonous and the lack of diesel hauled trains I have started to look abroad for a bit more variety where you can sit and let the trains come to you like the good old days rather than chasing one train or working.

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